Do you ship internationally?

At this time we are only shipping internationally to Canada and Australia. All of my shipping is done through the United States Postal Service. USPS International shipping costs with insurance and tracking, which is the only way I feel comfortable shipping my products, are cost-prohibitive for most international destinations. Also, Leather is a fairly regulated trade item and being an individual run small business, I do not have the resources to fully investigate the various international trade regulations. I hope to expand to more markets in the future, but for now Lake Agassiz Leathers will only be shipping domestically and to Canada and Australia. All duties and import taxes are the responsibility of the buyer.

Do you offer free shipping?

Free shipping is offered for US addresses only with a minimum purchase of $125. 

Do you accept custom requests?

Customs for shoppers local to the Owatonna area will be considered. You can send an email to lakeagassizleathers@gmail.com with questions. Sending an inquiry does not guarantee a custom item. It is at the discretion of Lake Agassiz Leathers to accept a custom request.

My order was automatically declined?

We take fraud very seriously at Lake Agassiz Leathers. As the owner of a small business, and an individual that has personally experienced fraudulent activity draining our bank account in minutes, we want to keep your money safe. We have a Fraud Blocking Layer built in to our payment processing that automatically assesses risk of a transaction. This may cause a valid transaction to be initially declined, but we would rather that happen to you than your stolen card be used. Please contact us at lakeagassizleathers@gmail.com if a valid purchase was declined and we can evaluate your order.

How should I care for my leather (excluding Nubuck, Suede and Hair on Hide)?

We recommend cleaning and conditioning your leather as needed. Use a good quality saddle soap to remove dirt, and your leather balm of choice to condition. Please use your item for only its intended use. Don't overfill card pockets and bags. Keep all your leathers as dry as possible, as water can cause warping, stretching, and stains.