Meet the Maker

My name is Susan McCabe, and I am the owner/maker of Lake Agassiz Leathers. I began leather-crafting by making keychains for my family to memorialize my dad. I started with a simple precut keychain kit off of Etsy. I needed to buy a leather punch and learn how to set rivets, and when I was done, I wanted to see what else I could make.

A leather keychain with a US Navy concho in the center. Attached to the key ring is a shell casing from my dad's military honors at his funeral as well as his name with birth and death dates and a picture of him in his color guard uniform.

When I realized I was going to make leather crafting more than just a hobby, I wanted to make sure my business name was something that honored my dad. I grew up on a small dairy farm in northwestern Minnesota. If you look at my logo, which my daughter designed, the star represents the family farm. This is where my dad was raised, and then with my mom, raised me and my brother. Home is a tiny piece of that long gone glacial Lake Agassiz.

All of our products are hand cut, stitched, and tooled by me in our home. I don't have a storefront or a shop. I do have a chonky golden retriever, Kirby, who shares my workspace with me. Unlike me, he does dress in business professional gear when in the office.

 A dark red golden retriever wearing a leather bowtie

Thank you for stopping by Lake Agassiz Leathers!